135 East Wilbur Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(805) 495-5210


Monday - Thursday
8am to 7pm

8am to 6pm

8am to 5pm

10am to 5pm


Parking can be a challenge
after 3:00pm on weekdays
and weekend mornings.

Allow extra time to drop-off
or find a parking space.

The Daland Swim School is an extremely busy facility, particularly after-school hours during novice team practice (3:15pm to 6:30pm). Please be patient and careful. There are small children in the parking lot coming and going from swimming lessons.

Observe all posted NO PARKING signs.

Being polite, courteous and thoughtful to other customers will make these busy times less dangerous, difficult and stressful for everyone.


Do not stop in front of the main entrance for student pick-up.

Stopping in front of the main entrance is okay for dropping off,
if you can unload quickly.

There is NO PARKING in the following areas:
   • along the wall opposite the swim school
   • on the curve of the driveway going to the upper parking lot
   • in the parking lot of the apartment complex
   • in the parking lot of the building near the street (weekdays)